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Would Heu-Risk It? - Single Deck x20 Multibuy

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Would Heu-Risk It? - Lateral thinking in a box
A game by Pejgan

How it all began

WOULD HEU-RISK IT? was born out of a risk workshop that Lena Wiberg was planning with Lisa Crispin. The topic was risk analysis and Lena proposed to add a bit of gamification to it.

It is, of course, inspired by TestSphere. But Lena wanted to add her own flair, style and experience to the mix.

After brainstorming about different potential cards, 3 categories stood out and Lena got to work on creating 30 distinct titles, ideas for illustrations and rhymes. Working together with talented illustrator Trish Khoo, the fantastic vibrant and playful cards were born.

"A fun way to get your team to overcome unconscious bias, think laterally, and possibly identify and mitigate those "unknown unknown" risks"
- Lisa Crispin

What is included?

Each pack of WOULD HEU-RISK IT? cards features 30 cards divided into 3 categories:

1. Traps:
Common mistakes and antipatterns that it is easy to fall into as a tester. As they might lower the quality of your testing – these should be considered as potential risks! Use these cards to find weak spots in your own testing or to coach someone on how to level up their testing.

2. Tools:
Heuristics, techniques and patterns that good testers tend to use, sometimes without even realizing they are using them. These can be utilized to increase quality of testing. Use these cards to teach, mentor or coach junior testers or testers learning something new. It is also a great way to help yourself communicating about your testing. Instead of just testing, try to articulate what you are doing, why and what you are expecting to find?

3. Weapons:
Common developer mistakes, antipatterns and weak spots in code. Looking at the developer perspective, where do bugs tend to appear? Why? Use these cards to learn more about complex areas of coding, to help you when prioritizing or to come up with new things to tests. They are also awesome for coaching developers how to test better. Each card has a snappy title, a colourful illustration and a lovingly crafted rhyme that is intended to get your brain working. Depending on your background, skillset and experience some cards will feel obvious and intuitive and some will feel vague and unclear. Embrace the vagueness and try to figure out potential interpretations that are useful in your context and discuss with others to get their perspective. Maybe this is an area you could learn more about?