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TestSphere - Level 8 - The Full TestBash Monty - Sponsored - PRE-ORDER

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500 Packs: With this option you back our project by 38%. That’s incredible! A massive thank you and an enormous cheer! This option prints you 500 decks with your logo on the back. You may choose a number of these that come your way the others will be distributed for you at one or more of the multimillion TestBash’es that rise up just about anywhere. Your choice. You are our number one.

A hundred cards featuring a hundred testing concepts:
Heuristics, Techniques, Feelings, Quality Aspects and Patterns

Each card explains the concept with a slogan and three examples that were designed to have you think about them in different ways.

Testers brainstorm, coach, share knowledge and share experiences by using these cards as a conversation starter, a story telling game, a tool that facilitates workshops and as a guide for their testing sessions.

Whether you’re a new tester looking for a fun way to learn about testing or one with many years of experience behind you, TestSphere aims to unlock barriers that you didn’t know were there.

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